Artist's Statement

The challenge of painting...being confronted with a piece of blank canvas - what to do with it? Whether the starting point is a shape that recalls a pear, or a blot resembling a Rorschach test, the process is the same.  Decide on colors, shapes, textures, lines, let the canvas talk back in what Philip Guston called a "trialogue" (as opposed to a dialogue), as the painting activity involves three, not two as in a dialogue - the painter, the canvas, and the thought processes resulting from the trouble and contradictions that ensue as a result of spreading paint on canvas.  In the words of another great artist, teacher, and mentor, Martin Lubner, "It's not what you paint, it's how you paint it."

When I go into the studio, the voices of the people in my life, past and present, go with me, surround me, demand attention. Sometimes, as the painting progresses they start to leave, one by one, until there is quiet.

That would be a good day spent in the studio.

Lenne Rosen-Kabe
Hwy 62 Open Studio Art Tours
Joshua Tree, California